Veterinary feed supplements that enhance cattle’s health and growth process

As a visionary among cattle feed supplements suppliers in Vijayawada, India, PVS has more than 25 years of experience in cattle feed supplement products. Banking on its group’s expertise as crown among veterinary feed supplement manufacturers in India, PVS Labs innovates solutions that enable the dairy industry to succeed. PVS Labs also assists veterinary professionals through its veterinary feed supplements to explore new means to optimize feed conversion and enhance animals’ health and growth process.

From total feed supplements and premixes to enhancers, boosters or additives, PVS offers ideal healthcare solutions for better care of animals that you raise. PVS is also recognised as a leader among trustworthy cattle electrolyte manufacturers in India and is also specialised cattle calcium tonic suppliers.

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Cattle Healthcare from the Most Trusted Cattle Feed Supplements Suppliers

The commitment to quality products that adhere to global standards has earned PVS Labs, trust across the globe as one of the most preferred veterinary feed supplement manufacturers in India. Every batch of products goes through stringent monitoring to ensure it is safe for cattle and also people involved in the process of manufacturing and the environment as well. 

The feed supplements consist of essential vitamins which can be added to animals’ basic fodder in micro quantities. They provide nutrition and also help in fighting infections and protecting from diseases. As a recognised cattle feed supplements suppliers in Vijayawada, India, PVS Group’s products are also trusted by farmers who rely on animal feed supplements to ensure their cattle stay healthy and productive. This further helps in promoting profitable and sustainable agriculture.

The Most Preferred Veterinary Feed Supplement Manufacturers in India

In order to maintain good health of cattle, it is important to incorporate the right supplements provided by trusted and verified veterinary feed supplement manufacturers in India. Backed by an experience of over two decades, PVS Labs is equipped with an advanced manufacturing facility that ensures best cattle health care products. The company has recorded phenomenal growth as one of the leading cattle feed supplements suppliers in Vijayawada, India. They have a strong export network in around 30 countries. Extensive research is conducted by an expert team prior to manufacturing products based on clients’ requirements. 


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PVS Laboratories Limited is one of the reputed & global Animal Feed Supplement Manufacturing Company in Animal Health Care Sector belongs to PVS Group India. Business policy of PVS Group is based on TRY & TRUST. Hence the organization successfully completed more than 20 years in Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Health care products worldwide.