R & D

Nourishing animal health, growth and biosafety through Research & Development

The in-house fundamental research at PVS Labs is an essential aspect of the company’s operations.

One among the most reliable animal feed supplement companies, it has a separate team, employed and dedicated for the purpose, that manages and integrates all development stages.

From key findings and research to product development, the R&D division of PVS Labs functions in order to bring into the market game-changing animal feed supplement products for Poultry, Aqua, Dairy, Swine, Equine and Pets.

The R&D facility of PVS Labs is well equipped with state of the art infrastructure and is manned by staff members who are reasonably qualified and well versed in their chosen realms.

What’s more, the star among food manufacturers for animals has initiated productive collaborative activities with similar research organisations across the globe aimed at ensuring animal health, growth and bio-safety.

No wonder the company is making a difference through its products and services where it’s needed the most.

PVS Laboratories Limited is one of the reputed & global Animal Feed Supplement Manufacturing Company in Animal Health Care Sector belongs to PVS Group India. Business policy of PVS Group is based on TRY & TRUST. Hence the organization successfully completed more than 20 years in Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Health care products worldwide.