Quality safety & Environment

Unmatched Trust Built on Superlative Quality Practices

At PVS GROUP, we have streamlined our business approach to consistently deliver superior quality products and services, solidifying our reputation as a leader in animal feed supplements. Our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and delivering tailored solutions has built an unmatched trust, grounded in our superlative quality practices.

Rigorous Quality Control

Our products result from meticulously formulated measures, including the procurement of high-quality raw materials that undergo rigorous checks. Quality control is maintained at every production stage by our experienced team members, ensuring careful packaging and immaculate product quality until it safely reaches its destination. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment that meet global standards support this meticulous approach.

Quality Safety Environment
Quality Safety Environment

Commitment to Environmental Standards

PVS GROUP is unwavering in its commitment to environmental standards, aiming to be recognized worldwide as a sustainable company. This dedication minimizes environmental impacts and ensures workplace safety benefits such as controlled risks to our workforce, improved internal processes, and safe work practices.

  • Quality Safety Environment
  • Quality Safety Environment

Universally Accepted Manufacturing Practices

We adhere to universally accepted manufacturing practices to ensure absolute safety throughout production—from raw materials to production, distribution, packaging, and usage. Our rigorous quality analysis spans from the raw materials stage through in-process analysis during manufacturing to the final finished product analysis.

Ensuring High Standards and Exact Label Claims

PVS GROUP ensures that the quality of our products meets the highest standards and exact label claims. We maintain control samples for at least 2 years plus 6 months, allowing us to conduct comprehensive holding studies and guarantee that high-quality products are delivered to our customers.

Key Features of Our Quality Practices