Granular Zeolite with Yucca & Minerals

Benefits: In Pond:
• Adsorbs toxic gases like Carbon monoxide etc. from
pond water by its unique molecular pore structures.
• Neutralizes the adsorbed toxic Ammonia by Ion Exchanging the free Ammonium.
• Adsorbs suspended solids and other contaminants
and makes the water more clean.
• Controls bad / noxious odors from pond water by
neutralizing the noxious Ammonia.
• Helps to improve dissolved oxygen and
phytoplankton levels.
• Makes the animals fresh by relieving stress caused
due to toxic gases and other pollutants.
• Initiate to increase the fertility of pond bottom.
• Controls the pH, ammonia etc. in normal range.
• Prevent the chance of disease out break and
• Helps to improve growth, Health & Immunity.
In Feed:
• Minerals helps for better health, strength & growth.
• Zeolite activates the gut for better nutrients
• Yucca helps for more gut health, feeding & growth.
For pond preparation: 25-50 kg / hectare
(or) 10-20 kg / Acre
During Culture Period:
Black Tiger prawn (P.monodon):
5 kgs / acre (or) 12 kg / hectare
Vannamei Shrimp Culture Pond:
7.5-10 kgs / acre
(or) 22-25 kg / hectare
Fish Culture Ponds: 5.0 kgs / acre.
(or) 12 kg / hectare
In Feed : 5 kg. / Metric ton of feed.
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Application: Take the recommended
quantity of Zeodon balls and broadcast
all over the pond uniformly infection.
Presentation: 10 kg, 20 kg.