Rafoxanide & Levamisole HCl Oral Suspension(Vet)

Indications :
WORM-R(DS) is a broad spectrum dewormer used in
the treatment & control of mixed worm infestations,
against mature, immature blood sucking nematodes,
amphistomes, adult & young liver flukes.

Administration & Dosage :
Cattle, Buffaloes – 1ml. Per 6 kg. Body weight. orally.
Sheep, Goat – 1 ml Per 4 kg. Body weight orally.
Further dosing maybe necessary at 4 & 6 weeks
intervals if fluke infestation is high (or) as advised by a

Precaution: WORM-R(DS) should not be administered
to cows producing milk for human consumption.
Pre-slaughter withdrawl period in cattle and sheep: 4
Avoid contact with eyes. Wash with copious amounts of
water if comes into contact.