Herbal antibiotic activity feed supplement

Benefits :Helps as a growth promoter
1. Arrests the growth of bacteria, virus etc present in the gut of the animals.
2. Reduces the chances of occurrence of microbial infections.
3. Effectively controles all bacterial infections of poultry like coli bacillosis, fowl typhoid, fowl
cholera, coryza, CRD etc.
4. Helps to reduce the virulance or activity or effectiveness of the virus during out breaks.
5. Most suitable to eradicate drug resistant bacteria.
6. Very safe, no drug resistance, no side effects.
Dosage : POULTRY :As a supportive therapy
Regular use : 250 gm / ton of feed.
During mild infections : 500 gm / ton of feed 5 days in month
During disease out breaks : 1kg. / ton of feed 7-10 days. (or) as
advised by a poultry consultant.
Special Note : It should be used mainly as growth promoter and to
control mild infections only. During serious outbreaks potential
antibiotics should be used.
Presentation :1 Kg. pouch.