A Strong Nutrition with Probiotics for All Round
Gut Flora Performer, Growth Promoter, Feed
Binder and Immunomodulator in Shrimps

• Limits the activity of harmful pathogenic bacteria.
• Maintains a healthy and balanced gut micro flora.
• Improves the overall performance of shrimps.
• Reduces digestive upsets.
• Promotes the fast growth rate of shrimp.
• Improves FCR.
• Improves resistance to stress and disease.
• Improves digestive process and the feed absorption.
• Enhances immunity.
• Acts as best binder for feed additives along with pellet feed.

Dosage: 10-20 ml / kg of shrimp feed
(or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.
Application: Mix recommended quantity of SUPERGUT and
apply to 1 kg of pellet feed. Dry the feed under cool shade for
30 minutes before feeding.

Presentation: 1 ltr.