A Perfect Water Softener & Hardness Controller in Aquaculture Ponds

Benefits: In Pond:
• Reduces hard shell problems of shrimps.
• Corrects Hardness and Alkalinity problems of pond water.
• Reduces effects of excess iron and other toxic heavy metals
in the pond.
• Reduces water turbidity & suspended solids.
• Makes pollution free pond water.
• Promotes healthy plankton bloom.
• Makes bore well water suitability for aquaculture.
• Helps for relieving stress and more activeness.
• Maintains optimum pH levels in pond waters.
In Feed:
• Improves the minerals strength, growth, body weights.
• Improves health & immunity.
In Pond : 1-2 lit. / acre (or) 2.5-5 lit / hectare with one meter
water depth
In Feed : 20 ml. / kg. of feed – 5 days in a month (or) as per the
advice of an aqua consultant.
Application: Mix recommended quantity of SOFTIN in 10-20 lit
of pond water and spray all over the pond.
Presentation: 1 ltr, 5 ltrs.