A Special Formulation of Minerals & Liming Compounds for
Maintenance and Balance of Soil & Water Parameters in
Shrimp Culture Ponds

Benefits :
• Reduces effect of toxic gases.
• Decreases mortality of shrimp after disease infections.
• Regulates the osmotic systems of shrimp in pond water.
• Increases both of di-valence and mono-valence ion
include of minerals.
• A suitable minerals for maintenance of stable water
parameter in ponds.
• Helps effectively to balance minerals in pond water
during rainy conditions.
• Develops optimum plankton growth.
Dosages :
Before Stocking :100-200kg / acre (or) 250-500 kg / hectare
During Culture : 20-50 kg / acre (or) 50 -125 kg / hectare
regularly every week till harvesting
During lowering of pH: 100-200 kg / acre (or) 250-500 kg /
hectare /day for 3-5 days
In Feed : 5 gm. / kg. of feed 7-10 days in a month
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Application: Take recommended quantity of SODAMIN
and directly broadcast in aquaculture ponds uniformly.
Presentation: 25 kg.