Highly Effective Disinfectant Powder

◗ Effective against bacteria like Salmonella
typhimurium, Brucella ovis.
◗ Effective against viruses like FMD, ND,
Hog Cholera.
◗ Very safe & can be directly sprayed over
the animal body.
◗ Useful for the disinfecting the live stock,
Housing & Husbandary appliances.
Application : Dilute in the water:
In the presence of heavy organisms:
Dilute “SANIFIL” 1 kg in 225 liter of water.
In the presence of viruses:
Dilute1 kg “SANIFIL” in 550 to 1000 liter of
In the presence of bacteria:
Dilute1 kg “SANIFIL” in 225 to 300 liter
of water. (or) as advised by a
Presentation: 100 gm., 1kg.