Surface Cleaner

Application method :
Empty poultry farm shed: 10-20 ml in 1 litre water.
Hatcheries (Walls, floors, setter & hatcher, plastic
eggs trays, racks etc.): 10-20 ml in 1 litre water.
Meat, Chicken, Fish processing plants (Floors,
walls, equipment’s): 15-25 ml in 1 litre water.
Vehicle cleaning: 1 litre in 300 litre of water.
Footwear cleaning: 10-20 ml in 1 litre water.

Usage & features :

  • It ensures removal of hard debris and deposited
    organic materials from the surface
  • It is highly effective, non-corrosive and non-staining
    for all types of surfaces.
  • It is highly used for deep cleaning of poultry farms,
    cages, slaughter houses, hatcheries, egg trays,
    vehicles and foot wear
  • It is active in wide range of pH and hardness of water