Liquid Concentrate Unique Combination of herbal
ingrediants for use in Livestock and Poultry

· Maintains optimum liver functions.
· Protects from aflatoxins
and other toxins.
· Helps for better digestion
and absorption of nutrients.
· Increases disease resistance, health, growth
and body weights.

DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK : Through drinking water
· Cattle, buffaloes, horses and camels : 50 ml. twice daily
· Calves and foals : 20-25 ml. twice daily.
· Sheep and Goats : 15-20 ml. twice daily.
Dosage may be doubled at the time of severe conditions
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Usage Instructions : (To be given preferably in morning water)
To restore reduced feed intake and to stimulate and optimize
affected liver functions.
To improve feed conversion ratio, growth, production and livability.
To counteract the damaging effects of aflatoxins.
Use for 7 days or till condition persists.
Use regularly : Double the dose is recommended for 5 to 7 days.
PRESENTATION : 1ltr. plastic container