Unique Combination of Herbal Ingrediants for use
in Camel & Horse

1. Relieves from pain caused due to swelling, sprain
tedious,tendonitis, bruises etc.
2. Helps to reduce the external swellings occurred
due to various kinds.
3. Relax the animals from all kinds of physical stress

Applications : Lameness, Sprains,
Swelling : Clean the affected area with
enough hot water. Apply enough
quantity of PVS Liniment on affected
parts 2-3 times / day till the recovery.
Joint Pains & Colds : Clean the
affected area with hot water and rub
enough quantity of PVS Liniment. In
colds it is better to protect the animals
with heavy blankets during nights.
Control of Blisters : Prepare a sprit
lotion with 60 ml. PVS Liniment, 60ml
water and 300 ml. methylated spirit.
Rub the blister area with PVS Liniment
and cover with gauze saturated with
above spirit lotion.
Preparation of camels & horses for
racing : Prepare a lotion with 1 part
PVS Liniment, 10 parts water and 4 parts
vinegar and rub legs thoroughly and put
bandage thoroughly.
Making the camels & horses cool and
fresh : Prepare a lotion with 1 part PVS
Liniment, 6 parts water and 2 parts
vinegar and wash the body gently.
Precautions : PVS Liniment should not
be applied on broken or irritated skin.
Wounds should be treated first then apply
PVS Liniment.