A Best Quality Yeast For All Round Performance In Aquaculture

Benefits :
• Shrimp grows very fast with better health & immunity
• Improves the level of production, FCR and lowers the feed
• Increases efficiency in the use of feed ingredients.
• Reduces all kinds of stress factors.
• Redues mortality due to opportunistic pathogens
• Enhances the disease resistance of culture shrimps.
• Improves the growth and survivals.

Dosage :
In the Ponds: 500 gram / acre (or) 1.2 kg / hectare water area
(one meter)
Application: Put 500 gm of PURE YEAST with 5.0 kg of
jaggery in 20-30 liters of water and keep for 12-15 hours. Apply
the mixture in the pond water uniformly.
In Feed: 5-10 gm / kg of feed
Mix the recommended quantity of PURE YEAST in feed with
the suitable binder and dry for few minutes before use.
(or) as per the advice of an aqua consultant.

Presentation: 1 ltr.