Liquid probiotic Ponds for Aquaculture Ponds

• Makes the fish / prawn pond free from pathogenic micro
organisms especially bacterial sps.
• Pond becomes fresh and clean since it prevents formation
of poisonous gases like ammonia and eliminates already
formed gases.
• Fish/ prawn feels healthy, active and stressfree.
• Helps to reduce incidence of bacterial diseases and avoids
the use of powerful chemicals (or) antibiotics.
• Helps for better growth and health.

In Ponds : 2-5 ltr. per acre (or) 5-12 ltr / hectare
Repeat the dose once in a month
In Feed : 5-10 ml. / 1kg. of feed – 7-10 days in a month
(or) as advised by a fish consultant.

PRESENTATION : 1 ltr, 5 ltrs.