Pure Natural Plankton Developer

Natural bioactive-organic nutrient : Essential and critical multi
micro mineral concentrate fortified with humic substances.
Microbial consortium of many beneficial bacteria : Nitrogen
fixing bacteia and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.
PHYTO BLOOM helps for the steady growth of the plankton community and to keep-up the natural balance of the pond ecosystem.

Benefits :
• Ensures stable plankton bloom.
• Promotes growth of diatoms & beneficial algae.
• Increases dissolved oxygen level in pond water.
• Maintain stable water parameters and water quality.
• Increases pond fertility and soil productivity.
• Reduces toxic gasses and ammonia level.

Dosage :
Regular use: 5 ltrs. / acre (or) 12 ltrs / hectare in every 2-3 weeks
During Pond Preparation and Low Plankton Levels :
10 ltrs./acre
In Feed : 5 gm. / kg. of feed-7-10 days in a month
(or) as advised by the aqua consultant.

Application: Take the recommended quantity of PHYTO
BLOOM and broadcast all over the pond uniformly during sunny
day period at 9-11 a.m.

Presentation: 5 ltrs.