Benefits :
1. Releases phytate bound phosphorus from plant feed stuffs in
the poultry feed ration.
2. Improves mineral and protein utilization.
3. Increases phosphorus availability of the feed and reduces the
addition of DCP.
4. Releases minerals for assimilation.
5. Higher growth rate and extra body weights seen in broilers .
6. More egg production with more thickness of egg shells seen.
7. Prevents leg weakness and other phosphorus deficiency related symptoms or
Dosage :100 gm. / ton of feed
25 grams of phoscare – 5000 should be used to replace every kg. of DCP – with due
correction of calcium.
Special Note :
DCP replacement with phytase should be planned with careful consideration of fish,
SFC and DORB contents of feed, age and phosphorus requirements of birds. Avoid
over dosing or under dosing. Proper mixing of feed and Phoscare-5000 also very very
important for better results. Always keep the phoscare 5000 in air tight containers
after usage.
Presentation :1kg. pouch, 25 kg. plastic drum