Multi Enzymes & Feed Supplement

1. Degrades and digests non starch poly saccharides
and other anti nutritional factors.
2. Nutrients in the feed utilised perfectly and completely.
3. Manure quality improves and very less environmental pollution.
4. Ammonia formation in the gut is minimised.

1. Feed value is increased with even less cost or less nutritive value ingredients.
2. Better FCR and optimum feed consumption.
3. Provides extra energy, extra utilisation of nutrients.
4. Reduces wet droppings.
5. Bird / animals become very healthy and active.

DOSAGE : per metric ton of feed :
Dairy cattle : 1-3 kg.
Beef cattle : 2-4 kg.
Pig : Starter & Grower : 1-4 kg.
Finisher : 1-3 kg. (or) as advised by a veterinarian

PRESENTATION : 25kg. bag