Bio-Surfactant Naturally

Gut Stabilizers: in fortified activated base
Imrpoves digestibility of oil / fat of emulsification.
Ensures optimum utilization of intact fat / triglycerides.
Eensures higher energy bioavailability.

in Breeders: Stimulates early reproductive maturity Early egg size
Better hatchability.
in Layers: Helps in achieving standard body weight Less pullet eggs /
standard eggs size Standard performance with feed saving.
in Broilers: Co-work with less bile salt and lipase enzyme to digest fat
globules Emulsifies any oil Helps in improving dressing percentage.
Broilers : 500 g – 1kg / ton of feed
Layers : 250 g – 500 g / ton of feed
Breeders : 500 g – 1 kg / ton of feed
Presentation :
20 kg bag