Feed Probiotic and Growth Enhancer

As the aquatic animals live in water and is the best source of microbial growth, very oftenly animal gut
is infected with bacterial pathogens. The best and proven way to protect animal gut is by providing
beneficial bacteria.
P-LACT PLUS is a specialsed formulation to protect the animals from bacterial pathogens, stress and
to provide additional strength.

Main Benefits :
• Prevents and controls bacterial pathogens in the gut.
• Helps for uninterrupted growth.
• Increases body weights.
• Maintains optimum health and immunity.
• Improves efficiency of digestive system.
• Prevents loose shell disease.

Dosage :
Regular use : 10 gms. / kg. of pellets
Stress / poor growths / disease condition : 20 gm. / kg. of pellets 10 days.

Application : Mix recommended quantity of P LACT PLUS with suitable
binder cum feed attractant preferably CODLIV or ATTRACT and apply to
feed. Dry it for 30 minutes on cool shade and give it to shrimp / prawn.

Presentation : 500 gm, 1 kg.