A Powerful DO Improver & Stress Reliever &
Performance Booster

Benefits : In Pond:
• Improves DO quickly.
• DO stays for longer periods.
• Avoids mass mortalities.
• Provides relief to prawn / fish.

In Feed:
• Improves the gut conditioner and helps for better feeding, health, growth & body weights.

Dosage :
Prawn / Fish Tanks (1mtr. water depth)1-3 kgs. per hectare
(or) 400 -1200 gm / acre depending upon the need of the
disolved oxygen
In Feed: 5 gm / kg of feed 5 days in a month
or as advised by an aqua consultant.

Special Note:
Better results are seen if the Oxysun given along with
P-Guard HS or Super Fresh.

Presentation: 1 kg.