Breakdown of organic flocks and un-decomposed sludge.
Eliminates un-ionised ammonia at the pond bottom.
Prevents further ammonia production by inhibiting urease activity.
Less susceptibility to diseases.
Improves growth & FCR
Reduces or eliminates off-flavor problems.
Effective even at relatively high BOD/COD.
Increases DO level & reduces pH level.
Improves sediments & water quality.
Increases resistances of the host
Mineralisation & Nitrification in pond.
Promotes growth & high survivals.

DOSAGES : 1 Meter water depth / One Hectare area

Types of Species During pond preparation (kg) During culture(kg) Frequency
P. monodon(Tiger shrimp) 2.0 1.0 3 weeks
L vannamei shrimp 2.0 1.0 2 weeks
Scampi /Fish 1.0 0.5 One month

In Feed : 5 gm. / kg. of feed – 5-7 days in a month (or) as advised by
an aqua consultant.

APPLICATION: Mix the recommended quantity of NITROFIX-DS in 50
lit of water with 5 kg of jaggery, 1 kg of yeast powder for12-15
hours and apply to the pond water uniformly.