Potent & safe disinfectant

1. Microdine vet is a perfect and safe disinfectant.
Bactericide : Very effective and kills all gram positive, gram negative, aerobic, anaerobic and other types of bacteria.
Vircide : Effective for all kinds viral groups.
Fungicide : Effective for all stages of fungal organism including spores.
Anti protozoan: Effective for most of the protozoan’s including Eimeria sps.
2. It can be applied safely in dairy, sheep, goat farms.
3. Regular use of microdine vet in the walls and floors of dairy / farming
animals prevents the multiplication of microbes and chances of occurring infections.

1. Washing and cleaning of surfaces : 1ml. / 1 litre of water.
2. Spray on animals : 3-5 ml/ 1 litre of water.
3. Disinfection of farms / sheds : 3 ml / 1 litre of water.
4. Foot and vehicle dips : 10 ml-15 ml / litre of water.

PRESENTATION : 1ltr. plastic container