Moult Inducer and Plankton Booster

Benefits :
• Helps for initiation of moulting process quickly.
• Improves the shell quality of shrimp / prawn.
• Increases phyto or zeoplankton growths.
• Makes the pond water to desired greenish color.
• Acts as perfect growth promoter.

Dosage: Shrimp / Prawn ponds :
Regular use : 1kg / acre (or) 2.5 kg / hectare
Delayed moulting, low plankton conditions: 2 kg / acre
In Feed : 10 gm / kg. of feed -7-10 days in a month
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Mix recommended quantity of Mega Power in 5 kg. of
Super Fresh or Richmin or sand and broadcast all over
the pond.

500 gm, 1 kg.