100% Water Soluble Highly Concentrated Mineral
Compounds in Liquid Form for Aquaculture Use

Special features:
• Top quality pure minerals l 100% water soluble
• Spreads easily throughout the pond
• Absorption in the shrimp body is fast l Action is very very

• Provides enough mineral strength in the pond water
• Provides enough mineral strength to the animals
• Prevents & controls loose shell disease
• Prevents & controls soft shell disease
• Helps for initiation of moulting process
• Helps for quick moulting process
• Prevents the body / muscle cramps of the animals
• Increases plankton growths
• Helps for stable maintainance of plankton at all times
• Helps for better growth, better health, better immunity.

Dosage: in aqua ponds :
General use : 4 litres / acre (or) 10 ltrs / hectare once in 15 days.
During problems like loose shell, soft shell, poor moulting, poor
growths, less plankton etc. conditions :
5-10 litres / acre (or) 12- 25 ltr / hectare
In Feed : 5-10 ml. / kg. of feed continuously
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Presentation: 1 ltr, 5 ltrs.