Vitamin K3 – Haemostatic for Pig,
poultry & Cattle

Helps to coagulate the blood rapidly and
controls haemorrhages.
Swine: Coccidiosis, Necrotic enteritis,
Salmonellosis, Swine dysentery,Gastric
ulcer etc.
Poultry: Coccidiosis,Necrotic
enteritis,Salmonellosis, Colibacilosis,
ND, IB, IBD, ILT etc.
Bovine : HS, Coccidiosis etc.
Prevents & treats Vitamin K deficiency.
Administration: Orally:
Swine: Drinking water: 1 ml to 2 litre of
water for 3-21 days.
Poultry: Drinking water: 1 ml per 2 litre
of water for 3-21 days.
Bovine: 2.5 ml per 25-35 kg body weight
for 3-21 days. (or) as advised by a
Presentation: 1 Ltr.