Benefits :
• Improves strength of the shrimp / prawn.
• Provides optimum health and growth.
• Builds up better body defence mechanism.
• Helps the animal to relieve from stress.
• Increases feed intake and body weights.
• Prevents the colonization of bacterial pathogens in
the gut.
• Improves survivals of shrimp.

Dosage :
Shrimp Feed : Regular use : 5 gms. / kg of pellets.
Stress conditions : 10 gms / kg. of pellets.
(or) as advised bya veterinarian.

Take recommended quantity of Immunex-DS, mix with
10-20ml of Codliv (or) Attract and apply to 1kg of feed.
Dry the feed under cool shade for 30 minutes before

Presentation: 500 gm, 1 kg.