Liquid Concentrate of Vitamin E, Selenium, Biotin &
Folic acid For Better Immunity, Better Growth, Better Performance

PRESENTATION : 1ltr. plastic container

1. Enhances the functional capacity of the cell and acts more actively.
2. Improves both humoral and cell mediated immunity.
3. Birds become more active with better stamina to yield better performance.
4. Relieves from stress and inactiveness.
5. Improves hatchability, fertility etc in breeders.

DOSAGE : For oral administration via drinking water.
Calves, lambs, sheep, Goats. Piglets : 10 ml per 50 kg bodyweight during 5-10 days.
Poultry :1-2 ml per litre of drinking water during 5-10 days
Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.