Liver Stimulant & Digestant

INDICATIONS : Anorexia, jaundice, hepatitis, aflatoxicosis,
debility and weakness, during any kind of antibiotic / anti
microbial therapy etc.

1. Increases secretion of digestive juices from
liver, pancreas and helps for better digestion.
2. Prevents and controls anorexia and indigestion.
3. Corrects all kinds of liver disorders results from
antibiotics, dewormers, toxins etc.
4. Helps for better utilization of feed.
5. Enhances strength of the animals by better
obtain of blood and energy.
DOSAGE : Per animal / day / 5-7 days each time (or) as advised by a veterinarian
Cows, Buffaloes and Horses : 20 ml./ animal
Calves, Heifers, Adult Pigs, Sheep & Goats: 10-15 ml. / animal
Dogs and Piglets : 5 ml. / animal
PRESENTATION : 1ltr. Plastic container