Growth Promoter & Bodyweight Enhancer for Shrimp

Components per kg:
Vitamin A 1,00,000IU
Vitamin D3 20,000IU
Vitamin E 1000mg
Vitamin C 2000mg
Vitamin B1 1250mg
Vitamin B6 1250mg
Vitamin B12 50mcg

Zinc 2000mg
Manganese 2500mg
Cobalt 100mg
Iron 2500mg
Selenium 10mg
Calcium 5000mg
Phosphorus 2500mg

Amylase 1250mg
Protease 1250mg
Lipase 1000mg
Cellulase 1000mg
Alpha Galactosidase 1000mg
Beta Galactosidase 1000mg

Amino acids :
L – lysine 2500mg
DL- Methionine 2500mg

Lacto bacillus lactis : QS
Lacto bacillus acidophilus : QS

• Covers the vitamin deficiencies and
avoids related symptoms and lesions.
• Covers the mineral deficiencies and
avoids related symptoms and lesions.
• Helps for better growth, body weight
with better health & immunity
• Feeds utilized effectively by better digestion, absorption and
assimilation of nutrients.
• Gut becomes healthy and conditioned and prevents growth of
pathogenic bacteria in the gut.
• Culture period reduced and more profits with GLANCE by…
1. Strong health 2. Strong immunity 3. Better and faster growth
4. More body weight 5. Less bacterial diseases

Dosages: Shrimp feed:
Regular use : 5 grams / kg of pellets
Periodical use : 10grams / kg of pellets 2 days every week.

Method of application: Take recommended quantity of GLANCE, mix
with 20ml of ATTRACT (India’s NO: 1, Feed attractant & Binder) and
dry under cool shade for 30minutes before feeding to prawn.

Presentation: 500 gm, 1 kg.