Natural Additives to Improve performance in Cattle & Pigs

Advantages :
◗ It has unique garlic flavor that makes
livestock to optimise the feed intake.
◗ It reduces the reproductive disordrs and
increases milk yield.
◗ Improves appetite of the animal,
increases feed intake & nutrients
absorption rate.
◗ It contains allicin that increases
nutrient utilization.
◗ Activates the endocrine organs to make
animal active & healthy.
◗ Improves general health & productivity
of the animal.
◗ Improves the resistance power against
◗ Strengthen the immune system.
Administration: In feed :
Swine :
Grower/ Finisher : 1 kg per ton of feed
Piglets: 1.5 – 2 kg per ton of feed.
Cattle :
Adult: 2-2.5 kg per ton of feed.
Calf : 1-1.5 kg per ton of feed.
(or) as directed by veterinarian.
Presentation: 1 kg., 25 kg.