For more & better eggs
Breeders & layers special

Main Functions :
1. Enhances insulin function and optimises reproduction cycle for
daily egg production.
2. Stimulates ovaries and helps for un interrupted ovulation.
3. Improves the contents of yolk and albumen in the egg for good
size eggs.
4. Helps for more strong shells than normal shells of egg.
5. Improves digestion and utilisation of nutrients.
Benefits : LAYERS
1. Improves egg production to its maximum.
2. Maintains peaks for longer periods.
3. Improves egg size and egg quality.
4. Better health, better FCR and better profits.
Dosage :
Commercial layers : 500 gms / ton of feed continuously.
Breeders : 1kg/ton of feed continuously.
Presentation :
1kg. pouch, 25 kg. bag.