Highly Concentrated Probiotic Blend for Aquaculture

ECO-PRO is a special Probiotic mixture with Special selective
strains of beneficial bacteria and digestive Enzymes.

Main benefits in aquaculture:
• Reduces the toxic gases quickly.
• Reduces the pathogenic bacterial loads fastly.
• Reduce stress to the animals.
• Reduce bottom sludge.
• Reduce pond water turbidity. • Increase DO levels.
• Increase pond coloring to desired greenish.
• R-egulates pond temperature.
In Feed:
• Helps for better health, immunity, growth & body weight.
Method of Application: In Ponds: Mix the recommended quantity
of ECO-PRO in 50 lit. of water with 5 kg. of Jaggery, 1 kg. of
Yeast Powder for 12-15 hours and apply to the pond water uniformly.
In Feed: 1 gram / kg of feed continuously (or) 2 days in a week
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Dosage: Prawn & Fish Tanks :
40-100 gms. / acre (or) 100-250 gm / hactare once in 2-3 weeks
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Presentation: 100 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg.