Rumentonic Preparation for Pig,
Cattle & Horse

◗ It improves the feed efficiency & promotes
the growth in cattle, horses & swine.
◗ It promotes the gastrointestinal functions.
◗ It maintains the normal intestinal flora
therefore improves the digestion & prevents
the diarrhea & enteritis.
Administration: Mix “DIGETON” in feed, milk
or drinking water and administer as
Yeanling Pigs: 5-10 gm / animal /day
administer everyday from birth to 5 days
Weanling Pigs: 20-30 gm/animal/day
administer once or twice.
Cattle, Horses:
Calf , Foal: 20-30 gm/animal/day from birth
to 10 days old.
Cattle & Horse (adult): 50-100 gm/animal/
day administer twice a day for 2-3 days.
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Presentation: 1 kg.