Soil & Water Probiotic

Benefits :
• Cleans pond bottom sediments.
• Eliminates toxic gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide,
nitrites, sulphur dioxides etc.
• Arrests the growth of pathogenic bacteria like VIBRIO by competitive elimination.
• Maintains optimum plankton levels.
• Provides enough DO levels.
• Maintains optimum water parameters.
• Animals became active and stress free.

Dosage :
1mtr. water depth. 500 gms. / hectare (or) 200 gm / acre- once in
15 days. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Application :
Mix the recommended quantity of Bio-treat in 20-30 litres of water and sprinkle all over the pond.
In Feed: 5 grams / kg of feed 7-10 days in a month
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Presentation: 500 gm.