Herbal Sanitizer especially for Aquaculture Pond

It is herbal sanitizer highly
recommended for aquaculture.
It can be used as a substitute of
chemical based sanitizers in
It helps to minimize pathogenic
population (bacterial, protozoal, viral
etc.) in pond water.
Acts effectively on all debris & waste
material present in the pond water &
prevents from the various infections to
the shrimps / fish.
Helps to prevent & minimizes external infections.
Helps to make pond environment healthy to promote
growth & body weight gain in shrimp & fish.
Improves body weight gain, FCR & profitability in shrimp
/ fish culture.

Dosage: Add in pond water:
Routine use: 1 ltr / acre (or) 2.5 ltrs / hactare use once in a
two weeks.
In severe/risk conditions : double the above dosage
In Feed: 5 ml / kg of feed daily
(or) as advised by a an aqua consultant.

Presentation: 1 ltr, 5 ltrs.