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  • For Relief of Pain & Pyrexia BENEFITS : 1. Relieves from pain quickly. 2. Restores normal tissue conditions by resolving inflammatory lesions. 3. Reduces the body temperature. Re-Leaf For Relief of Pain & Pyrexia INDICATIONS : 1. Pains resulted from wounds, bruises, prolapse of uterus, sprains etc. 2. Acute inflammations. 3. Pyrexia of non-specific origins. DOSAGE : For 4-5 days or till complete relief Cows, Buffaloes, Horses, Camels : 20 gms. of powder a day. Calves, Heifers, Foals : 10 gms. of powder a day. Sheep & Goats : 3 gms. of powder a day. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 50 gms., 100 gms., pouch
  • Cattle Mineral Mixture with Vitamins, Amino Acids & Yeast Culture BENEFITS : 1. Improves milk yield. 2. Helps for better growth. 3. Increases health and immunity. 4. Better fertility in females 5. Better strength in bullocks. 6. Enhances additional stress bearing capacity INDICATIONS : Low milk yield, advanced pregnancy, peak lactations repeat breeders, young calves, poor growths, during antibiotic treatments etc. DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK : Continuously or 10 days in each course. Camel, Horse, Cow & buffaloes : 30 gms. Calves : 10 gms. In feed : 10 kg. / ton of feed. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 1kg. pouch
  • Magnesium Sulphate (Oral Powder) BENEFITS : 1. It is most suitable for camels & horses as saline purgative. 2. It helps the animals for better peristaltic moments. DOSAGE : 0.25 - 1 g. / kg. B.W. for 1-2 days (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PVS MGSO4 Magnesium Sulphate (Oral Powder) SPECIES : Horses and camels PRESENTATION : 500 gms. pouch
  • Complete Vitamin, Ammino Acid & Mineral Feed Supplement Fortified with Probiotic BENEFITS : 1. Maintains optimum health and performance. 2. Supplements vitamins, minerals and proteins to cover the deficiencies. 3. Improves disease resistance. 4. Helps for fast growth, better body weights, better milk productions. 5. Covers stress, weakness, dullness, inactiveness etc., and animals become healthy and active. 6. Helps for more fertility in males and prevents late sexual maturity in females. DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK : Through drinking water Cattle, Horse and Camel : 20 to 30 gms. daily. Calves, Sheep, Foal and Goats : 5 to 15 gms. daily. Feed Mixing : 1 to 2 kg. per ton of feed. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 1kg. pouch
  • Unique Combination of Herbal Ingrediants for use in Camel & Horse BENEFITS : 1. Relieves from pain caused due to swelling, sprain tedious,tendonitis, bruises etc. 2. Helps to reduce the external swellings occurred due to various kinds. 3. Relax the animals from all kinds of physical stress factors. Applications : Lameness, Sprains, Swelling : Clean the affected area with enough hot water. Apply enough quantity of PVS Liniment on affected parts 2-3 times / day till the recovery. Joint Pains & Colds : Clean the affected area with hot water and rub enough quantity of PVS Liniment. In colds it is better to protect the animals with heavy blankets during nights. Control of Blisters : Prepare a sprit lotion with 60 ml. PVS Liniment, 60ml water and 300 ml. methylated spirit. Rub the blister area with PVS Liniment and cover with gauze saturated with above spirit lotion. Preparation of camels & horses for racing : Prepare a lotion with 1 part PVS Liniment, 10 parts water and 4 parts vinegar and rub legs thoroughly and put bandage thoroughly. Making the camels & horses cool and fresh : Prepare a lotion with 1 part PVS Liniment, 6 parts water and 2 parts vinegar and wash the body gently. Precautions : PVS Liniment should not be applied on broken or irritated skin. Wounds should be treated first then apply PVS Liniment. PRESENTATION : 1 ltr.
  • Liquid Concentrate Unique Combination of herbal ingrediants for use in Livestock and Poultry BENEFITS : · Maintains optimum liver functions. · Protects from aflatoxins and other toxins. · Helps for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. · Increases disease resistance, health, growth and body weights. DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK : Through drinking water · Cattle, buffaloes, horses and camels : 50 ml. twice daily · Calves and foals : 20-25 ml. twice daily. · Sheep and Goats : 15-20 ml. twice daily. Dosage may be doubled at the time of severe conditions (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Usage Instructions : (To be given preferably in morning water) To restore reduced feed intake and to stimulate and optimize affected liver functions. To improve feed conversion ratio, growth, production and livability. To counteract the damaging effects of aflatoxins. Use for 7 days or till condition persists. Use regularly : Double the dose is recommended for 5 to 7 days. PRESENTATION : 1ltr. plastic container
  • Laxative & Purgative for Camels, Horses, Cattle, Sheep & Goat DOSAGE : Camel, Horse & Large animals As a Laxative : 1gm. / kg body weight As a purgative : 2 gms. /kg. body weight Route : Oral Calves, Colts, Sheep & Goat : 1 gram per kg. body weight (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Route : As drench (or) via stomach tube with enough quantity of water. Note : Treatment may be repeated as per the need and advise of a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 450 gms
  • Special Electrolyte Concentrate BENEFITS : 1. Maintains optimum balance of electrolytes. 2. Prevents dehydration. 3. Prevents and controls stress of animals due to heavy work, transportation, summer etc. 4. Provide ready made energy in the conditions like diarrhoea, prolonged antibiotic therapy, heat stress etc. DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK : 5-7 days Horses & Camels : 30-90 grams / day as per the stress given. Cows & buffaloes : 50 grams / animal / day Calves, Sheep & Goat : 25 grams / animal / day Dogs : 5-10 grams / animal / day (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 1kg., 4kg., 10kg.
  • Feed Supplement BENEFITS : 1. Improves milk yield in normal conditions. 2. Improves milk yield even in abnormal conditions like summer (high temperatures) cold (low temperatures) etc. 3. Helps to relieve the animals from stress. DOSAGE : 7-10 days each time 50 grams / animal / day (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 1kg. bucket
  • Liquid calcium & phosphorus preparation for better animal health and productivity BENEFITS : 1. Improves milk production to its maximum possible extent. 2. Helps for better bone and skeletol strength. 3. Prevents hypocalcimia and milk fever. 4. Prevents complications like dystocia, retention of placenta, metritis, mastitis etc. 5. Increases growth and body weights of calves. 6. Improves health, vigour, appetite, bone strength and growth of dogs. DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK Cattle & Buffaloes / Horses : 100 ml./ day / 7-10 days in a month. Calves : 40 ml./ day / 7 days in a month. Dogs : 5 ml. / day. Sheep & Goats : 10 ml. / day – 7 days in a month. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 500 ml., 1ltr. plastic containers
  • Appetite Stimulant & Digestant BENEFITS : 1. Helps for better secretions of saliva and digestive juices for effective digestion of food. 2. Optimises ruminal PH and maintains perfect microflora in the rumen for better digestion. 3. Better feed utilization by better enzymatic activity. 4. Improves strength of the animals by providing better immunity. 5. Optimises residual movements for better passage of ingesta and expulsion of gases. 6. Provides comfort in the digestive tract and avoids the related stress caused to the animals. 7. It is the most suitable preparation in the conditions like Anorexia, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Stress etc. DOSAGE : 5-7 days each time Cattle / Buffaloes / Horses/ Camel : 50-60 gms. / animal / day Calves / Heifers / Adult Pigs : 20-30 gms. / animal / day Sheep & Goat : 10-20 gms. / animal / day Dogs – 5 gms. / dog / day (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : 200 gms., 1kg., pouches
  • Vitamin E with Selenium BENEFITS : 1. Helps to attain good immunity. 2. Animal become strong and active. 3. Increases extra stress tolerance capacity. 4. Helps for move fertility and early sexual maturities. DOSAGE : LIVESTOCK : 5 days. Camel, Horse, Cattle : 10 gms. / animal / day Sheep, Goat & Calves : 3 gms. / animal / day (or) as advised by a veterinarian. PRESENTATION : Powder : 200 gms., 1kg.