A premium name among poultry feed supplement manufacturers

As a visionary among poultry growth promoters in India, PVS has more than 25 years of experience as one of the best poultry feed supplements manufacturers in India. Banking on its group’s expertise in poultry feed additives, PVS Labs innovates solutions that enable the dairy industry to succeed. PVS Labs also assists veterinary professionals through its

veterinary feed supplements to explore new means to optimize feed conversion and enhance animal’s health and growth process.The poultry market is one of the fastest growing owing to the increased demand of meat and eggs, which are sources of protein. Taking care of poultry resources is very important to help them grow better and free from infectious diseases.

poultry feed manufacturers in Vijayawada

First Choice Among Poultry Probiotics Supplements Manufacturers in India

Based in Vijayawada in India, PVS Group’s products go through rigorous quality checks and adhere to international standards. Backed by an expert team of professionals, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the company has a strong export network in 30 countries. Having earned the trust as the leading Poultry probiotics supplement manufacturers in India, PVS has recorded a strong presence across India and overseas as well. 

Superior quality poultry feed supplements manufacturers in India

With the increase in the use of probiotics to enhance poultry’s productivity and health, PVS Group helps you make the right choice that boosts the overall immunity of poultry animals. As one of the leading poultry feed additives and premixes manufacturers in India, PVS Group ensures the feed supplements consist of electrolytes, microminerals including copper, iodine, iron, manganese and zinc among other essential nutrients. The minerals present in feed supplements help in boosting quality of production, keeping poultry healthy and active and building resistance against bacterial diseases.


Poultry Feed Supplement

Poultry Feed Supplement

PVS Laboratories Limited is one of the reputed & global Animal Feed Supplement Manufacturing Company in Animal Health Care Sector belongs to PVS Group India. Business policy of PVS Group is based on TRY & TRUST. Hence the organization successfully completed more than 20 years in Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Health care products worldwide.