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Game-changing products require dedication and devotion to absolute quality. A respectable name in fish feed supplement manufacturers in India and as best among aqua feed supplements suppliers in Vijayawada, India, PVS Labs manufactures a wide range of aquaculture based feed products using state of the art machinery and under hygienic conditions with a focus on being a trustworthy name in Shrimp feed supplement Suppliers in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and finest among Fish/Shrimp weight gain product Suppliers in Vijayawada, India. As the leading name in Fish/Shrimp growth promoters in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, the fish feed production list includes feed additives, nutritional supplements, vitamin/mineral supplements and pond management products that act as proven products

to control argulus in fish. As premier shrimp/fish vitamins & minerals manufacturers in India, the broad range of fish feed supplement meets the nourishment needs of shrimps, including Tiger, Vennamei, Scampi as well as fish such as Catla, Rohu, Pungacius (Cat Fish), Tlapia, Seabass, Hatcheries, Ornamental Fishes and more. Look no further, choose the best among shrimp/fish feed binder manufacturers in Vijayawada, India and trust able fish pond cleaner manufacturers & suppliers in India . Listed below is the trustworthy fish feed supplement manufacturers premium, wholesome and leading-edge products that enable PVS Labs to meet its growing customers’ needs for aqua feed supplements.

Fish and Shrimp Feed Supplement Manufacturers in Vijayawada

PVS Laboratories Limited is one of the reputed & global Animal Feed Supplement Manufacturing Company in Animal Health Care Sector belongs to PVS Group India. Business policy of PVS Group is based on TRY & TRUST. Hence the organization successfully completed more than 20 years in Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Health care products worldwide.