Who We Are ?

PVSLABS As India’s foremost Animal healthcare company, PVS Labs has a long history of providing all kinds of feed-based and healthcare-based products for all species like aqua (fish & shrimp), Poultry, cattle, sheep & goat, horse, camel, dog & cat, fighting cocks, etc.

Who We are

Long-Standing Reputation

Since 1993, PVS Labs was established with the noble belief that every animal should have access to quality products and better growth prospects. PVS Labs has emerged as one of the finest feed supplement manufacturers in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, producing high-quality and effective products through innovative solutions.

Commitment to Quality

PVS Labs is known for its high-quality standards and innovative products that meet the needs of the animal healthcare market.

Farm Owner & Dairy

Dairy who we are

Family-Owned Values

As a family-owned company, PVS Labs values Product Quality, Service, and Transparency in business.

Farm Owner & Poultry Bird

Poultry Who we are

Founding and Early Milestones


Dr. PVS took distributorship of “Vaccines” marking the beginning of PVS Group.


Established “ANU LABS,” the first private sector lab in India for Disease Diagnostic Research and Feed Analytical Laboratory for Aquaculture and Poultry.


We launched the first manufacturing unit for aqua healthcare products, paving the way for PVS Group to become a leading manufacturer and exporter in the aqua and animal healthcare sector.


We started our own office in Vietnam and our exports.


Established key companies of PVS GROUP – PVS Laboratories Ltd® and International Healthcare Limited® with manufacturing and marketing of their own products.


Expanded the production capacities of PVS GROUP and opened 4 new facilities.


PVS expanded the export markets in about 55 countries.


PVS GMP Drug manufacturing unit.


PVS’s brand presence reached 25 countries.


PVS expanded and opened four new facilities in Mallavali.


PVS GROUP now it is renowned as the largest manufacturer and exporter of poultry, veterinary, and aqua healthcare products.