Animal feed supplement suppliers in Uganda

PVS Labs, one of the growing animal feed supplement suppliers in Uganda, has been producing first-grade animal feed supplements for over two decades, producing unique, bioavailable and easily digestible animal feed supplements for the Ugandan market. Today, their supplements have earned a wonderful reputation worldwide, for their focus on providing healthier alternatives to both farmers and animals. PVS is helping raise healthy animals, a mission which has earned the company a lasting popularity among its clientele. There are times when animals’ diets fail to meet recommended dietary requirements. This is when supplements step in; to compensate, and prevent deficiencies. Ugandan animals have nutritional needs that can be met completely only by the superlative animal feed supplements of PVS Labs

Further, these animal feed supplements are amazingly safe. PVS Labs never assumes a margin of safety, and repeatedly asserts that the animal’s daily dose of supplements must be in proportion with their daily dietary requirement.

The quality of animal feed supplements is influenced by certain considerations including the genetic strain of the animal, the animal’s diet and its energy content, how much water the animal consumes on a daily basis, the duration for which the product was stored, and whether or not the animal is living in sanitary conditions. All these factors tend to affect the efficacy and potency of the animal feed supplements and should therefore be ensured for the supplement to work.


When it comes to the consumption of animal feed supplements, there are certain precautions that need to be followed. Animal Feed Supplements should ideally be consumed in exact proportion to the animal’s dietary requirements, and should not be stored beyond their expiry dates. Also, they should be stored away from the elements, in a cool, dry place. If the animal reveals symptoms of hypersensitivity to any supplement, that supplement should be stopped at once. The animal’s living conditions should also be ultra clean, so as to avoid any infections to the animal.

With their high quality and international standards, the animal feed supplements manufactured by PVS labs have shot PVS Labs ahead. Clearly the first choice for consumers in today’s competitive Ugandan animal feed supplement market, PVS labs’ animal feed supplements have quickly substituted ancillary brands. Today, they have earned themselves a stable customer base in Uganda. In ensuring that their clients and their beloved animals get only the best, PVS Labs, the best animal feed supplement dealers has proved, time and again, that their first priority is animals. PVS Labs continues to delight Ugandan consumers every day, and their supplements are an invaluable resource, providing essential nutrients that are imperative to the growth and development of animals.


Poultry feed supplement manufacturers in Uganda

Ugandan poultry require 38 essential nutrients which only a quality poultry supplements manufacturer can ensure. These crucial nutrients affect egg production and poultry development, while also influencing the growth of the chicken, feed efficiency and the overall quality of the poultry produced. The superlative poultry feed supplements from PVS Labs always meet dietary requirements, and never assume a margin of safety. This means that the dosage being administered should be adjusted regularly to suit the poultry’s changing dietary requirements, in order to maintain the poultry’s optimum health. Since poultry adjust their feeding requirements to match their daily energy needs, the dosage of the supplement needs to be administered likewise. Factors that may influence an Ugandan chicken’s energy needs include feed intake, temperature and amount of physical activity, and these must be considered when administering poultry feed supplements of any sort. PVS Labs are pioneers in the field of animal healthcare, and also good Fish Feed Supplement Manufacturers.

The right nutritional supplement can even bring down feed wastage, proving to be a big benefit to poultry farmers. Research shows that Ugandan poultry feed only until they’ve met their energy requirements for the day. Therefore, if the birds are fed high-energy diets, this would naturally reduce their feed intake. Time and again, rigorous scientific studies conducted on Ugandan poultry have shown that diets rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals benefit Ugandan poultry. As per the studies, this daily nutrient-dense diet regulated the actual feed intake to healthier levels and also provided the required nutrient intake.

Poultry farmers can skillfully avoid problems like obesity in Ugandan poultry with the right nutritional supplements. Studies show that Obesity, which is caused by overfeeding without fulfilling any actual nutritional requirements can be totally avoided with PVS Labs’ high-grade animal feed supplements that accelerate growth and development while simultaneously reducing obesity. PVS Labs animal feed supplements enhance the diet of Ugandan poultry with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, helping to avoid any possible deficiencies in Ugandan poultry. PVS Labs is also the undisputed leader among Cattle Feed Supplement Manufacturers in Uganda.


Several benefits are guaranteed if poultry feed supplements manufactured by PVS Labs are your supplement of choice. Not only are these supplements easier to produce, promising a higher yield, but they also have a longer shelf life. Made up of nothing but the finest ingredients, these animal feed supplements have more nutrient-dense benefits than other animal feed supplements, aiding the growth and development of Ugandan poultry.

PVS Labs has gained an enduring legacy in Uganda, thanks to what is a culmination of painstaking research and development, sophisticated Indian technology and the brilliance of Indian scientists: the poultry supplements from PVS Labs, which have revolutionized the market in Uganda with their superior quality.