Poultry Feed Supplement manufacturers in kazakhstan

Animal Feed Supplement Suppliers In Kazakhstan

For over two decades, PVS Labs has been a leading provider of Kazakhstan Animal Feed Supplement of quality healthcare solutions for animals, earning widespread acclaim among its global customer base. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, PVS Labs is celebrated worldwide for offering innovative and healthier alternatives that promote the well-being of livestock.

Tailored Nutrition for Optimal Health

PVS Labs’ animal feed supplements are renowned for their uniqueness, bioavailability, and ease of digestion, bridging the gap between animals’ dietary intake and their actual nutritional needs. These supplements not only provide comprehensive health and nutrition but also address any deficiencies, setting them apart as superior alternatives that minimize adverse effects such as indigestion and bloating in animals.

Prioritizing Safety and Quality

At PVS Labs, safety is paramount. With a steadfast focus on transparency and quality, PVS Labs ensures that each supplement is meticulously crafted to meet the specific dietary requirements of animals. Their unwavering commitment to safety sets them apart as leaders in the animal feed supplement industry.

Influential Factors on Supplement Efficacy

Various factors influence the quality, potency, and efficacy of animal feed supplements, including the animal’s diet composition, water consumption, genetic traits, storage conditions, and environmental hygiene. PVS Labs acknowledges the significance of these factors and integrates them into their manufacturing processes to deliver supplements of unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

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Best Practices for Administering Animal Feed Supplements

Administering animal feed supplements requires careful attention to certain precautions to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Precision in Proportion

It is crucial to administer supplements in precise proportions tailored to the animal’s diet. This ensures that the animal receives the appropriate balance of nutrients without any risk of overconsumption.

Adherence to Expiry Dates

Always check the expiry dates mentioned on the supplement packaging and refrain from using supplements beyond their expiration dates. This helps maintain the efficacy and safety of the supplements.

Proper Storage Conditions

Store animal feed supplements in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, and moisture. This prevents degradation of the supplements and preserves their potency for longer durations.

Suitability for Animal Consumption

Ensure that the supplements are suitable for the specific animal’s dietary requirements and physiological needs. Using supplements that are not well-suited for the animal may lead to adverse reactions or health issues.

Sanitary Living Conditions

Maintain sanitary living conditions for the animals to prevent the risk of infections and diseases. Clean and hygienic surroundings contribute to the overall health and well-being of the animals.

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Leading the Market with Superior Quality

In the highly competitive animal feed supplement market in Kazakhstan, PVS Labs stands out as a leader, surpassing inferior brands with its commitment to excellence and international standards. By prioritizing the welfare of animals and consistently delivering top-quality supplements, PVS Labs has established a strong and steady presence in Kazakhstan.

Trusted Partner for Farmers

For over two decades, PVS Labs has been a trusted partner for farmers, providing invaluable support in promoting animal growth and development. With a focus on delivering essential nutrients such as organic nitrogen, essential amino acids, and short-chained peptides, PVS Labs continues to play a vital role in enhancing animal health and productivity in Kazakhstan.

Leading Poultry Feed Supplement Suppliers in Kazakhstan

PVS Labs leads the way as a pioneer among poultry feed supplement suppliers in Kazakhstan, offering nutrient-rich supplements tailored to meet the evolving dietary needs of poultry for optimal health. Research indicates that Kazakhstani poultry require 38 essential nutrients to thrive. These nutrients play a critical role in promoting egg production, enhancing feed efficiency, fostering chicken growth, and preventing nutrient deficiencies.

Tailored Nutrition for Kazakhstani Poultry

PVS Labs’ superior poultry feed supplements are meticulously formulated to provide Kazakhstani poultry with the essential nutrients they need to maintain their daily energy requirements. As poultry adjust their feeding patterns based on their energy needs, it’s crucial to continuously adjust the supplement quantities accordingly.

Considerations for Optimal Supplementation

Various factors such as temperature, physical activity levels, and feed intake influence the energy requirements of Kazakhstani poultry. Poultry feed supplements should be administered with these considerations in mind to ensure optimal effectiveness. As a prominent Fish Feed Supplement supplier in Kazakhstan, PVS Labs has been committed to promoting the overall health of animals globally for over a decade.

Minimizing Feed Wastage with Nutritional Supplements

By providing the right nutritional supplements, such as those offered by PVS Labs, poultry farmers can minimize feed wastage and associated costs. Kazakhstani poultry typically consume only what they need to meet their daily energy requirements. A high-energy diet enriched with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, as provided by top-grade supplements like those from PVS Labs, can help manage poultry feed intake effectively.

Enhancing Poultry Diets for Optimal Nutrition

Rigorous scientific studies on Kazakhstani poultry have demonstrated the benefits of diets enriched with essential nutrients. With high-quality supplements like those from PVS Labs, poultry farmers can ensure that their birds receive the necessary daily nutrient intake while regulating their daily feed consumption more efficiently.

Influencing Factors on Supplement Efficacy

The consumption of water by poultry significantly impacts both the effectiveness and the intake of supplements. It’s crucial to provide poultry with cool, clean, and uncontaminated water free from any potentially harmful substances. Deprivation of water should be avoided, as studies have repeatedly shown adverse effects on egg and chick development, with mortality risk increasing significantly after thirty-six hours of deprivation.

Animal Feed Supplement Suppliers in kazakhstan

Skillful Avoidance of Obesity with PVS Labs

PVS Labs’ exceptional nutritional supplements offer a solution to prevent obesity in poultry. Overfeeding can lead to obesity without meeting the bird’s actual nutritional needs, underscoring the necessity of PVS Labs’ quality animal feed supplements. These supplements not only combat obesity but also promote accelerated growth and development while addressing potential dietary deficiencies in Kazakhstani poultry. PVS Labs stands out as a leader in poultry supplements and is also the foremost among Cattle Feed Supplement Suppliers in Kazakhstan.

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Superior Quality and Benefits

PVS Labs’ poultry feed supplements boast easier production, higher yields, and an extended shelf life. They offer consumers more nutrient-dense benefits, crafted from the finest ingredients available in the market.

Harnessing Expertise and Innovation

These animal feed supplements represent a culmination of Indian scientific brilliance, extensive research and development efforts, and cutting-edge technology. This synergy significantly enhances growth and development in Kazakhstani poultry. PVS Labs’ animal feed supplements have successfully captured a substantial market share in Kazakhstan, thanks to their international technology and exceptional qualities.


As one of the premier animal feed supplement suppliers in Kazakhstan, PVS Labs continues to lead the way in promoting animal health and well-being. With a legacy of excellence built on transparency, quality, and innovation, PVS Labs remains a trusted partner for farmers seeking superior healthcare solutions for their livestock.