A trusted name among animal feed supplement exporters in India

Recognised as one of the leading animal feed supplement exporters in India, PVS is committed to highest quality and innovative solutions in animal healthcare. The wide range of vitamin/mineral supplements for poultry, aqua, dairy, swine, equine and pets not only ensure optimal growth but also boost immunity to prevent illness. The company has collaborations with international customers in around 25 countries through the PVS Group. Together PVS Labs and its partner enterprise develop deep-rooted relations – in order to bring forth optimal results that ensure increase in productivity and profitability in a sustainable way.

PVS Group, the well-established animal feed supplement exporters in Vijayawada have expanded to various countries and has been able to set up its business network in many Asian and African countries with a substantial 

presence in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Korea, and other countries.

From cattle to poultry, equine, and pet animals, the world-class R&D facility with an expert team of scientists and technicians develop safe, qualitative, and effective healthcare products to ensure nutrition, prevention, and cure of diseases, improve productivity, and maintain the overall health of animals. Every batch of animal healthcare products goes through stringent monitoring to ensure it is safe for poultry and also people involved in the process of manufacturing and the environment as well. The adherence to global standards in the manufacture of quality feed supplements has earned PVS Labs, trust across the globe as one of the most preferred animal feed supplement exporters in India.

Our presence across the world.