DESCRIPTION: For Relief of Pain & Pyrexia

PACKING: 50 gms., 100 gms., pouch

Plusmin Forte

DESCRIPTION: Cattle Mineral Mixture with Vitamins, Amino Acids & Yeast Culture

PACKING: 1kg. Pouch


DESCRIPTION: Magnesium Sulphate (Oral Powder)

PACKING: 500 gms. pouch

PVS Nutri Care

DESCRIPTION: Complete Vitamin, Ammino Acid & Mineral Feed Supplement Fortified with Probiotic

PACKING: 1kg. Pouch

PVS Liniment

DESCRIPTION: Unique Combination of Herbal Ingrediants for use in Camel & Horse

PACKING: 1 ltr.

PVS Long Liv

DESCRIPTION: Liquid Concentrate Unique Combination of herbal ingrediants for use in Livestock and Poultry

PACKING: 1ltr. plastic container

PVS Laxi-tox

DESCRIPTION: Laxative & Purgative for Camels, Horses, Cattle, Sheep & Goat

PACKING: 450 gms.

Copa Vet Super

DESCRIPTION: Copper Supplement for ewes and calves

PACKING: 50 gms. tin


DESCRIPTION: Special Electrolyte Concentrate

PACKING: 1kg., 4kg., 10kg

Summer Milk

DESCRIPTION: Feed Supplement Saccharo myces cervisiae :100 x 109 cfu Sodium chloride : 50 gms. Leptadenia reticulata : 100 gms. Vitamin A : 5,00,000 IU Vitamin D3 : 50,000 IU Vitamin E : 2.0 gms. Vitamin C : 10.0 gms. Herbal Excipients : q.s.

PACKING: 1kg. bucket

Vet Cal D3-E

DESCRIPTION: Liquid calcium & phosphorus preparation for better animal health and productivity

PACKING: 500 ml., 1ltr. plastic containers

PVS Batisa-E

DESCRIPTION: Appetite Stimulant & Digestant

PACKING: 200 gms., 1kg., pouches


DESCRIPTION: Vitamin E with Selenium

PACKING: 200 gms., 1kg.


DESCRIPTION: Acidifier & Conditioner

PACKING: 500 gms. tin

Ferron (Liquid)

DESCRIPTION: Blood Booster

PACKING: 1ltr. bottle

Race Time

DESCRIPTION: Special Electrolyte

PACKING: 1 kg pouch

Ban Stress (Powder)

DESCRIPTION: Vitamins, Amino Acids & Minerals

PACKING: 1 kg pouch

P-Plex Super Liquid

DESCRIPTION: B-Complex Vitamins

PACKING: 1 ltr bottle, 5 litres container


DESCRIPTION: Concentrated Probiotic Feed Supplement

PACKING: 1kg. tin, 1kg. pouch, 25kg. bag, 25kg. Drum


DESCRIPTION: For Control of Colic

PACKING: 1 ltr bottle